Iran is one of the developing countries which have had thriving economy. The economy requires infrastructures to support industries leading to growth. Electricity transmission lines as major factor of economy growth deliver power to companies listed in first priority. This clear perspective became the beginning of YASAN Company to be created. All, setting including experts and equipment gradually settled in right time and right place to make us YASAN. Now, we proud to be leading company in Iran and well-known brand in international markets.


Yasan Steel Structures Company established in 1994. The core business in Yasan is design, manufacture and erect electricity transmission towers. Yasan has been a fast-growing Company which gained capitals from business returns. Now, Yasan is the owner of Millions dollar business in an area of 64000 m2 consisting of 10000 m2 fully equipped workshops and 54000 m2 open space for storing materials and assembling towers. All facilities and automate machinery come across to 100,000 metric tons production capacities per year as well as capability of producing and executing various voltage levels of transmission towers ranging from 63 to 400 kV. Yasan is honour to have more than 50 new and successful designs of TL towers. Currently, more than 320 direct and indirect employees work for the company. Implementation of ISO 9001 criteria and strict quality management system since 2001 helped YASAN to manufacture quality products which are compliance with international standards.

Top Exporter

TOP Exporter

Receiving award from Industry minister

Top Industrial Unit

Happened in accordance with succeeding in major national projects

TOP Exporter

Receiving award from Industry minister


Exploring International Markets and Opportunities

Refurnishing Machinary

Purchasing full automate CNC machines

Obtaining a Grede in electricity Industry

Top manufacturer due to top quality and quantity

Expanding Production Capacity

Adding more workshops and depot spaces

Joining ISO Standards

All management systems justified by ISO qualificaion

Restructuring Departments

Classification of Departments began

Begin Aquisition

Start Aquiring Steel Structures company

Company Foundation

Mr. Mohammad Farsi found in 1994

Mohammad Farsi

Chairman of the Board and Founder

Mohsen Farsi

CEO and member of board of directors

Shahab Farsi

Production Deputy & Vice President