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Providing national interests by supporting entrepreneurs

The evolution of the electricity industry in the field of equipment manufacturing and production of technical and engineering services during the years after the revolution, although it was full of ups and downs, but it was one of the most successful industrial experiences in the transition from dependence to self-sufficiency. Before the revolution, many technical and engineering equipment and services were dependent on foreign companies, but due to the efforts of Iranian experts and engineers and under the constructive participation of the Ministry of Energy and the private sector, during the past four decades, this trend has benefited manufacturers and contractors. Interior changed. Yasan company is one of the successful producers and exporters of the electricity industry, which is considered a clear symbol of the self-sufficiency of the country's electricity industry.

Yasan from the beginning until today

Mohammad Farsi, the founder and chairman of the board of directors of Yasan company, regarding the start of the company's work, while pointing out the dependence of the country in the field of setting up power transmission lines to foreign industries, acknowledged: The developing economy of Iran in the years after the revolution had an increasing need for the electricity industry, and the establishment of transmission lines was considered one of the main infrastructures of this development. For this reason, Yasan was established in 1373 with the efforts of a group of experienced and expert engineers who were trained in this field in specialized companies outside of Iran, with the subject of working in the field of power transmission.

She stated that the main goal of the company was to provide part of the infrastructure needs of the Ministry of Energy, and noted: Yasan became a company capable of building and implementing turnkey projects of power transmission lines in the voltage range of 63 to 400 kV through a targeted and long-term planning. In addition, in addition to the products related to the electricity industry, it also has products such as telecommunication masts, covering gratings, metal structures used in the oil and petrochemical industries in its production program.

The chairman of the board of directors of Yasan Company announced the export of about 48 thousand tons of power transmission towers and stated: This company has been chosen as the national and provincial sample exporter in the field of power transmission for three consecutive years. Yasan factory is built on a land with an area of ​​64 thousand square meters, of which 8 thousand square meters are dedicated to production halls with a capacity of over 100 thousand tons per year. Yasan is currently known as one of the most powerful Iranian companies in the production of high, medium and telecommunication towers.

Farsi also pointed to the employment of more than 300 skilled and experienced workers in the company under her management and added: Telescopic masts, grids, power post structures (gantry), lighting bases, grating, cable car bases, traffic bases are among the products of this company, which are produced according to international and domestic standards such as ISO and national standards. Packed and shipped.

Challenges of electrical industry manufacturers

In another part of her speech, Farsi pointed out the limitations and serious challenges facing the electrical industry equipment manufacturers and said: Despite the favorable development momentum, Yasan faced many problems in the field of business in recent years, and this problem has led to a relative decrease in the company's annual production and has brought its exports to the lowest level in the past few years.

He further noted: Although during this year Yasan, in addition to meeting the needs of the domestic market, was able to maintain a part of its export markets, but unfortunately, due to international sanctions and restrictions, the amount of our exports decreased to 1,200 tons, which The predictions made are far away.

This economic activist said about the reasons for the drop in production and exports of the company under her management: The main problems faced by the company, which all the manufacturers of the electricity industry are dealing with in some way, include the lack of sufficient liquidity, the reduction of tenders and orders due to the continued stagnation in the industry and the sudden increase in the price of raw materials. Also, in the export markets, due to the impossibility of currency exchange through banks, serious restrictions on participation in foreign tenders due to the non-issue of international guarantees for Iranian companies and the non-cooperation of foreign banks with Iranian industrialists, our presence is weak. It is more than before.

The chairman of the board of directors of Yasan pointed out the pressures caused by the recession and the reduction of projects defined by the government and said: Despite all these problems, which sometimes reduced the production capacity of the factory by 20%, we tried to keep the personnel working in the company as the main priority. With this approach, we are currently working with all the personnel, which we hope will increase with the improvement of the conditions. Of course, it should be mentioned that 500 people also work indirectly with our company.

Solutions to overcome the crisis

While emphasizing the point that solving some problems is beyond the power and control of economic enterprises, Farsi admitted: Undoubtedly, we cannot deal with the problem of stagnation and decrease in domestic market demand due to the decrease in the level of construction budgets, or we cannot think of a solution for it. Because this problem is caused by the unfavorable environment prevailing in the country's economy. In addition, the serious restrictions on the presence of Iranian companies in foreign markets and the unprecedented decrease in exports is not an issue that management and control is in the hands of business activists.

Farsi emphasized the crisis ruling the country's economy and noted: In this situation, the government and the executive bodies are expected to refrain from imposing cumbersome laws and creating new challenges for producers, and to formulate and implement supportive policies for entrepreneurs who are taking steps towards the development and upliftment of the country's economy. do This will definitely lead to creating employment, growth in production, increase in gross national product, and in the end, securing the interests of the country.

Yasan's programs in 1999

Farsi also acknowledged the plans of the company under her management this year: During the recent years, we had a very good opportunity for research and development regarding new products and we took advantage of this opportunity. Increasing the company's quantitative and qualitative capabilities, as well as designing and producing products such as new types of telescopic and lattice masts, optimizing the weights of existing masts, and updating production machines have been the result of these efforts in the field of research and development.

He further added: During the recent years, we were able to provide new facilities to increase the power of competition in the export markets, which we hope will be realized in the year 1400.

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